No Sign of Love or Farewell

by Pete Lanctot and the Stray Dogs

No Sign of Love or Farewell is a collection of vignettes, with each song featuring a different character offering a brief and unreliable glance into their own life, past and the world that they come from. The song themes and the sordid cast of characters subtly intertwine, so that by nature of their stories being collected together, the album takes on the feeling of a strange and dreamlike community.


Pete Lanctot: Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Tenor Banjo
Ginger Dolden: Violin, Stroh Violin, Marxophone, Music Boxes, Autoharp
Joe McMahan: Electric Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar
Chris Donohue: Electric Bass and Contrabass, Keyboards, Background Vocal
Bryan Owings: Drums and Percussion
Adam Brisbin: Electric Guitar
Danni Nicholls: Background Vocal (The Only Love That I Know)